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February 7, 2013
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Elf Warrior: Nimura. by anti-social-DEMON Elf Warrior: Nimura. by anti-social-DEMON
Iiiiiit's Nimura!!!
I love this chicky so much you don't even know <3

For a collab with ~Triforce-Prince
Base by ~BattleStorm
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pique143 May 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Here ( [link] ) is my part for this collab>>> [link] sorry for taking so long!! but i hope you like it ^^
I featured this lovely work in my journal because dear lord that hair and shading <33
thank you so much omigosh *o*
You're very welcome ;U ; <3 thank you for the lovely art to feature!
Hnnng Nimura. I WILL SIT HERE CONSUMED WITH LUST FOR THE REST OF THIS COMMENT SPAM PERIOD AND THENSOME. Seriously gurl, I really adore Nimura, I want to have a whirlwind romance with her and her hair and she's just so lovely and I adore her design and colors. Her face is very pretty and has a slightly mischevious/knowing expression or something orI'mjustmentalorw/e and I think it really complements her or something. But I must go on about her hair because gurl I don't usually like color splits but Nimura is the picture in my dictionary under EXCEPTION. I love love love her hair and the styles of both halves and the color shades because wow that dusty pink goes fab with that antique cream and I'm just pulling names out from my quiet little color headcanon but gosh do you know I've looked into seeing how I could make a wig like that because omg that's so pretty? Like seriously I love her hair. But also her outfit is really cute too and I love her tunic and the slightly muted dark green really complements her hair and pretty blue eyes and her boots are cool and just ugh I love her.
Hehe <3 Nimura is one of my favorites to doll because she is an elf and has the soft gentle features but is actually quite adventurous and has a bit more of a tom-boy in attitude.
Those colour names actually seem really accurate, hold on, now I gotta find their official names o:
according to the site I checked they are "Pale, light grayish raspberry" and "Light amberish gray" but I don't think those are official names because there are a few with the pale, light grayish raspberry.
Amg a wig in her style(s) would be amazing o: Her outfit isn't really official |D but it might change it might not.
Amaryllisir Mar 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Her hair is gorgeous!
ChinZaPep Feb 16, 2013  Student Digital Artist
2 / 8
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