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So I was thinking about pixel tutorials, and just, I would totes enjoy making one but I wouldn't even know what to do. SO is there anything anyone wants to SEE me do? I'd be less willing to do something like hand-drawn plaid or something. but like lines or how I shade certain things? ;A; or even a hand done gradient?
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  • Eating: everyday.
  • Drinking: really bad tea.

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last night I was thinking about how our babies sleep.

Haru is a snuggler as I have pointed out before, he will find anything to snuggle, Noire, a doll, a pillow, bunched up blankets, etc

Paris, when not cuddling with someone else will sprawl himself out on the bed and take up as much space as physically possible. As long as he and Kain are in the same bed the only way to combat this is to snuggle.

Kaden sleeps all curled up in a ball taking as little space as neccessary. (when he's not cuddling with Ven)

And my new baby I half decided to base their sleeping habit off myself. My new baby likes to sleep pressed against the wall against their bed. The only ways for their lover to combat this is to a) just spoon them, while my bby is pressed against the wall, b) sleep on the side against the wall so that my bby has to snuggle close to you to get near the wall, or C) cuddle with them making them feel really comfortable and safe so that once their asleep they won't really move again (because otherwise they will unintentionally roll towards the wall, or off the bed)

I've noticed recently I like to sleep pressed against the wall, and decided one of my bby's had to do it too.
Your Sprite has found you an egg!
anti-social-DEMON: EGG by Ragaki-Runeland
I imagined at some point shortly after taking over the company someone accuses Haru of having it easy because he was just given the company and didn't actually need any of his own talent because the company had so many other deisgners and he had his mothers fame he could probably ride on for the rest of his life and yada yada. And Haru in response anonymously enters a clothing design contest that's like a really big fucking deal. And using a fake name and all that and even hires someone to pretend to be the actual designer. And then he ends up winning it, and comes out and admits that it was actually him, and he gives the runner up all the prize money and then some, also helping them start their own company and make them a close partner with his company.

And he does this all just to fucking spite the one person who accused him of having it easy. Because I think the one misconception he cannot stand, is hearing others think he had it easy, because as you know, his life in no way was easy.

Also when he comes out as the actual winner he's asked why he did it, and Haru's just like "someone accused me of having no talent and riding the coattails of my mother. I simply wanted to prove them in the only way I thought possible, win something for my designs completely anonymously." And then he goes on to explain how he of course doesn't want to take the prize from who the actual winner should be and explains what he's gonna do which I already mentioned above.
also in any universe, I just imagined when Paris and Kain finally start dating, Paris wants to go on a real date, so they go, but during the date Paris starts getting all self conscious and stuff, and oddly quiet. and we've sorta talked about how he's never been good with relationships and stuff like that, but I just imagiend this and the date is really awkward, and maybe they see a movie and even that's a little awkward because Paris is kinda cuddling but also being awkwardly distant physically, and Kain finally asks him if something is wrong and after attempting to deny it Paris tells him the date was a terrible idea and maybe them dating in general is a terrible idea because he doesn't know how to act lovey dovey and only knows sex and he wants a normal relationship with normal things, but he doesn't know how to do any of that so he begins caving into his feelings that it is impossible for him to be in a relationship.

And they have an awkward silence for a bit, before Kain tells him he's right, that Paris will probably never be in a conventional romantic relationship, but that's because there is nothing conventional about Paris and that whatever sort of romance they have going on he likes it and doesn't want Paris to act any way other then himself. and Paris is quiet for a while, before perking up and suggesting they go back to Kain's place for some real fun.

idk don't mind me, just coming up with a thousand ideas today still avoiding work. But no seriously, no one is more self conscious about a new relationship then Paris out of our boys, since his idea of what a relation should be like is actually unattainable for him so he needs to be reassured their unconventional relationship is totally fine.
SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M Apr 6, 2014   General Artist
Hey! Just to check if you still wanted to breed Marya, now that the Knopflere seasons here?
Oh! yes! I nearly forgot ;o; thank you for reminding me!
Of course~ 
SECRET-NINJA-SUPER-M Apr 6, 2014   General Artist
No worries! ^_^ Xander won't be available to breed with her though, unless someone can get hold of a double-dip, so you'll need another male [I don't have any other boys, sadly]. Will that be okay?
Hmm, I dont have an available ;o; but I have another lady myself, if we had a genderbender I would suggest that. I'm honestly lazy and dont want to go boy hunting right now XD 
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